Embrace the Crescendo

The stress of a 16-week semester resembles a musical crescendo and can feel like this . We begin the term feeling excited and open to new challenges. By week 8, we’re feeling intellectually agile and in sync with students. By week 16, we’re revving up to peak volume knowing that a holiday rest is looming. Such is the rhythm of academic life. It can be miserable or it can be magnificent depending on how we choose to view it. Fortunately, we get to decide which perspective to view. One positive perspective is that a busy final exam week can be an opportunity to role model time management and self-care techniques for students who are also experiencing significant anxiety this week. What self-care techniques do you use during finals week…petting dogs, playing with your kids, meditation, eating good food, walking, writing in a gratitude journal, watching cats chase laser pointers on YouTube? Whatever you do to experience joy and fulfillment during this busy week, consider sharing your techniques with students. They’ll likely do better on exams and learn to positively embrace the challenge.

2 reminders…

  • The grading oasis (MLIB 459) with coffee, snacks, and grading assistance is open 8-5 all week.
  • Blackboard will be down Dec 22-25

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