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Sent on behalf of Dr. Amy Magnus, Civic Engagement Faculty Fellow and Rural Partnerships Liaison, and the Office of Civic Engagement.

The upcoming election on November 8 is right around the corner! Now is an important time for our campus community to consider how to bring civic engagement into our classes. Below are several ideas for discussing the importance of registering and turning out to vote, for those eligible, in the upcoming election: 

Connect Civic Engagement to Your Own Disciplines and Classes

Voting and other forms of civic engagement are cross-disciplinary! All of us are impacted by our elected leaders and issues on the ballot. While we may think of certain majors as being “more political” than others, all disciplines can connect civic engagement to their classes. For example, we can help students understand the impact of the election on the industries and careers they want to pursue. We can help them better understand how particular issues connect to what they are studying in class. In this way, specific examples can help students feel connected to the election (and civic engagement, more generally). It can help them understand the local and personal impacts that civic engagement can have, and it can also help them recognize their own responsibility in participating in voting. It is critical that we, as faculty, help our students recognize their connections to the politics of our time. 

Use Multiple Modalities – and Multiple Times! – to Share Information about the Election

Students do well when provided information in different formats and modalities. Sharing information about the upcoming election, voter registration, etc. verbally during class and via email announcements, for example, can help solidify their role in the upcoming election and what they need to do to participate. It may also be helpful to break down this information in relevant chunks at opportune times (rather than providing all information at once that they will need to track over time). Please see below for information you can share with students as the election approaches.

Refer Students to the Office of Civic Engagement!

Importantly, we know you have a lot to manage as faculty. We do not expect you to be experts in all-things civic engagement, in addition to your other responsibilities. The Office of Civic Engagement (OCE) is happy to help anyone in our community better understand how and why they should register to vote if eligible, how to ensure their vote counts, ways to create a voting plan, and how to find additional information about voting. There are also several upcoming events happening to help get students excited about voting (see below)! Please promote these events to your students and always feel free to refer students to OCE if they need additional support!

Please see below for relevant election-related information that you are encouraged to circulate to your students and learning communities throughout the next several weeks:

Election Day is November 8! 

The Office of Civic Engagement (OCE) website has important information and dates listed to make participating in the upcoming election as easy as possible. We are defending our championship title in the CA Ballot Bowl, a competition to register the most voters! Click here for the voter registration link.

Monday, October 24 is the last day to register online to vote in California.  

All California registered voters will receive a vote-by-mail ballot about 29 days before the election. Everyone can track their ballot at ballottrax. If your vote-by-mail ballot is lost or destroyed, check with your county for a replacement ballot or go to a Voter Assistance Center in BMU 203 November 5-8.  

Find detailed information about what’s on the November ballot at Easy Voter Guide and the Butte County Voter Information Guide.  

Key Dates 

  • Monday, October 24: Last day to register online to vote  
  • Monday, October 10 – Monday, November 7: Deliver ballots to the secure Ballot Box on the streetside of the BMU (or place in the US Mail) 
  • Saturday, November 5 – Tuesday, November 8: In person voter registration for a conditional ballot or other voter assistance is available in BMU 203 

Upcoming Civic Engagement Events 

Campus Voter Film Series 

  • Wednesday, October 12: Local Voices: Your Vote Matters! video reveal, 5-6pm, Colusa 100A, Snacks will be provided! 
  • Thursday, October 20: Documentary Screening: “Willie Velasquez: Your Vote is Your Voice” screening 5-6:30pm, SSC 150, Snacks will be provided! 

Goater Registration: Join CAVE on Tuesday, October 18 between 11- 1pm in Trinity Commons to pet a goat while you register to vote! 

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