We Are One University

On my way to campus this morning, I walked down First Street admiring the banners hung on the lampposts that show our solidarity as a community. The message is both welcoming and decisive: “We Are Chico State” and “We Are One University.” These banners symbolize the culture of respect and caring that we embrace as a campus.

The announcement today that DACA will be rescinded is unfortunate but it’s also an opportunity to remind your students that you support them regardless of their legal status. In fact, all students need to know that we support them regardless of race, religion, body size, gender identity, socio-economic status, age, disability status, or anything else that makes them exceptional or distinctive. The attached PPT slides about DACA (thank you Hannah Burdette in ILLC) may be helpful to discuss in class and/or post to Bb so (a) undocumented students know what resources are available to them and (b) non-Dreamers can better understand the issue. Other helpful tips include avoiding the words “alien” or “illegal” when referring to undocumented students and acknowledging the anxiety they are likely experiencing right now.

As with most controversial issues, education is the key to greater understanding. You can learn more about how this decision impacts higher education in this article in the Chronicle published this morning. Regardless of your political views on immigration, We Are One University with an unwavering commitment to student learning.

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