Tuesday Tip (Or Lack Thereof)

Dear faculty, 

Rebecca Nelson, the FDEV administrative support coordinator, sent me a nice reminder about the Tuesday Tip today and I panicked: blank, zip, nada. I got nothing! 

The Tuesday Tip snuck up on me, coming out of nowhere: I had not thought of a topic, let alone was ready to write about a topic. The past week has been focused on ChicoFlex, QLT, the Zine, welcoming two new student assistants (we can’t wait for you to meet them!), planning for summer training, and well… the Tuesday Tip surprised me.  

I always feel I can juggle anything, no matter how much work it is, but the Tuesday Tip fiasco was a reminder that, in fact, I can’t. 

And then I realized that this episode was actually worth writing as a tip: I feel your pain, I feel how overwhelmed you are, I know you feel that this semester needs to end because there is not much energy left. The cup is not “runneth over”: it’s running empty.  

I also know that you are tired of being offered professional development opportunities when all you need is a nap! 

So, my tips for you this week are as follows: 

  1. Take a break from grading, seriously. A short break can do wonders for refocusing our mind. I know you have endless grading. But make sure you take some breaks. 
  2. Go outside. Enjoy the sun and the weather (I know, it’s hot, there is pollen, but still, leave the office for a bit). 
  3. Do not feel guilty about saying “No.”  
  4. Do not feel vulnerable about needing help, and reach out for that help. 
  5. Enjoy lovely food and indulge in some treats. 
  6. Take care of your body, in the way your body needs it (for some people this means working out, for others being outdoors, for others maybe just relaxing). Listen to what your body needs. 
  7. Focus on something that does not involve a screen or a computer. 
  8. Have a chat with a friend, and even better, share some laughs too. 
  9. Register(opens in new window) for Angela Davis’ talk (yes, this is nourishment!) 

Faculty Development has a million resources for you, and we are always available to help and provide support. But for today, our only tip is to take good care of yourselves. 

Chiara Ferrari, Ph.D. 
Faculty Development, Director 
Campus zip: 026 
Phone: 530-898-3094 
Department of Media Arts, Design, and Technology 
Campus zip: 504 
Phone: 530-898-4647 

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