Tuesday Tip – BOOK CLUB on Cultural Inclusivity

Chico State has experienced significant changes in student demographics in recent years. If you’re interested in joining a discussion about creating a welcoming and inclusive classroom for all students, click here to join the Spring ’19 Book Club to discuss the concepts in The Culturally Inclusive EducatorYou’ll get the book for free and plenty of coffee and snacks during our four 1-hour gatherings this semester. The book offers evidence-based solutions to prepare teachers for a growing multi-cultural population in their classrooms. Rooted in social construction theory, the author offers guidance on overcoming both personal and institutional challenges to cultural inclusiveness (stereotype threats, microagressions, implicit bias, critical race theory, privilege, social identity, etc.). Apply by 2/18 to reserve your spot!

One thought on “Tuesday Tip – BOOK CLUB on Cultural Inclusivity

  1. When choosing pictures for diversity – having one person of color and two white people does not seem appropriate. This implies one person of color in a room would make it diverse. this is not true.

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