Open Access (Friday Forum)

Do you have questions about Open Access and how it impacts your scholarly work and publication?

Open Access encompasses a variety of issues but includes literature that is digital, free for users, and that offers authors a variety of licensing options. The relatively new process of publishing in Open Access venues raises questions, however, regarding the process, authors’ rights, and the implications of Open Access publishing for the RTP process.

The film Paywall: The Business of Scholarship highlights some of the pressing issues driving the Open Access movement. 

In March of 2019 the Academic Senate of the California State University passed a Resolution in Support of Faculty Publication Rights with a Green Open Access Policy for the California State University but what does that mean to the academic community at Chico State?

Please join us in a discussion about the status of Open Access on Friday, February 12th (11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., via Zoom). Chico State librarians will discuss research and resources at CSU, Chico. 

We seek to learn about your interests and concerns regarding Open Access publication and want to hear from individuals across campus to engage in a learning community about this topic. This Friday Forum is designed to share information about the process and policies in place, while understanding how we might best direct efforts to support Open Access publication on campus. We hope you will share your experiences and insights.

A few things we will cover in this forum:

  • Explore what Open Access means for our academic community.
  • The Elsevier APC Waiver Agreement with the CSU system, and how you can take advantage of an opportunity to expand access and visibility to your published articles for no additional fees. 
  • Details of Chico’s Open Access Institutional Repository, ScholarWorks.
  • Resources from the library to aid additional exploration.
  • Feedback and stories from you on Open Access relating to your scholarship and discipline.

Our desired outcomes include:

  •         Invite a conversation with OA leaders on campus – listening session
  •          Learn about OA needs for campus
  •          Determine future needs around OA on this campus
  •          Let folks share their existing efforts around campus on OA     

Have questions? Feel free to contact us!

Chrissy Hursh

George Thompson

Pam Kruger

William Cuthbertson

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