Invest in yourself

Today’s tip is simple:  Invest in yourself.  It’s so easy to keep putting off the things that will really improve our professional lives simply because too many things are on fire right in front of us.  But a few strategic investments of time and resources can make a huge difference in updating and reinvigorating a course, getting research done, even developing a long term plan for our careers.  So here’s the deal:  CELT/Faculty Affairs will offer some resources if you’ll put in some time.

Here are four opportunities for you to invest in yourself:

  1. Publish an Article in 12 Weeks.  Join a Faculty Learning Community this spring devoted to turning research projects into published articles.  We will pay you to do this. Really. (Not a lot, but still.) See attached description and application. Applications due December 5.
  2. Come to the HERS Roundtable. Where do your see yourself in 5 years? 10? Learn about the leading national academic women’s leadership program from four campus alumnae who will share their experiences and help us strategize for women’s leadership development at Chico State.  Next Wednesday, November 12, 3-4, SSC 150. See attached flier for more information. We’ll bring the snacks.
  3. Get credit for teaching innovation. CELT’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants will pay up to $1000 for you to travel to conferences where you present work on (or just learn about!) new approaches to teaching and learning.  Full details and application are available here; the deadline for this round is December 1.
  4. Reinvigorate a course with newer, less expensive materials. The Textbook Alternatives Project (TAP) offers $1000 stipends to faculty who will invest some time exploring alternatives to expensive textbooks with the support of TLP and subject librarians.  Details and application are available here. The deadline is November 7, but the application won’t take you long.

*Authored by Dr. Katherine McCarthy.


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