How to Benefit from Your FDEV Office

Dear colleagues,

In my first e-mail to you as Faculty Development Director, I’ll share what this office provides to faculty. First off, this is your office and the programs we offer are tailored to your needs. Our mission is to deliver programming that enhances your professional lives as teachers and scholars. We team up with you to enrich the faculty experience so that you can provide world-class instruction to your students. All of the professional development programs are free and, in many cases, we pay you to participate.

What your FDEV office offers you

  1. Faculty Learning Communities (e.g. Improve your Pedagogy, Article in 12 Weeks)
  2. Academy e-Learning institutes
  3. Annual CELT conference (Oct 5-6 this year)
  4. Bb training workshops including one-on-one consultations you can schedule with TLP staff
  5. Tuesday Tip e-mails
  6. Mentoring program for new faculty
  7. Internal campus grants and access to many CSU grant opportunities

What you can offer your FDEV office

  1. Volunteer your expertise as guest presenters in workshops
  2. Send ideas to us for “Tuesday Tip” e-mails that would strengthen our campus

We’re stronger as a campus community when we leverage our expertise to help each other. I look forward to collaborating with you this year!


Josh Trout, Ph.D.

Faculty Development Director


(530) 898-3094


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