Collecting Student Feedback

What week is this anyways? Covid-19 has brought upon all of us a strange feeling of “time dilation” that makes us lose track of how far we are in the semester. 

So, if you lost track, let me update you: this is week 10! Crazy, ah? 

Faculty have somehow adjusted to the online environment by now, and everyone is doing as best as they can possibly can to ensure that our students’ learning experience is still rich and meaningful.  

But how are our students doing in our classes? I’m not talking about grades, really, but about something more profound: what is our students’ experience? How are they approaching and owning their own learning? 

Collecting student feedback in the middle of a semester is a great way to get a sense of how students are interacting with the material, what is working for them, or what they are struggling with, and it gives faculty a chance to tweak their course “in real time,” therefore affecting the very students that share that feedback. 

I want to share some quick slides that offer resources on collecting student feedback and a google doc that includes sample surveys or assignment ideas. 

I am grateful every day for the care that faculty are putting into our students’ learning and well-being, and I hope that these resources can help us understand our students’ experience even better. 

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