Teach Abroad!

This week’s tip brought to you by Jennifer Gruber in the Office of International Education.

Just as study abroad opens up the world for students, teaching abroad can be a life-changing experience contributing to the resources and opportunities that a faculty member can draw on.  The experience of teaching abroad offers opportunities to develop intercultural competency and best practices for communication that can successfully transfer back to the home university (Gopal 2011).  Research and teaching abroad also enables instructors to empathize with the experience of international students as the instructor is immersed in different languages and cultures and learns to negotiate a different educational system and environment (Garson 2010).

Through the Office of International Education, CSU, Chico faculty have a variety of opportunities to establish contact with colleagues abroad for research, diversify their curriculum, and enhance their own language acquisition. Consider applying to

  • Teach abroad with USAC for summer or semester term. Deadline to apply (for 2019/20 terms) is December 15, 2017.

Contact Jennifer Gruber, jlgruber@csuchico.edu.

Need more information than above? Contact Jennifer Gruber, Study Abroad & International Exchange Coordinator.


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