The Strike

The scheduled strike to start the Spring 2024 term is of great concern for us all. This tip is dedicated to some advice about navigating this time of uncertainty. 

First, be transparent with your students. They have a lot of anxiety about what a work stoppage would mean for their semester and whether they are supposed to go to class next week. You should be sending them an announcement through Canvas this week about what your plan is. Consider including information about whether your class will meet and your availability to answer questions. I would also recommend some transparency about why you are doing what you are doing. Students should also know many campus services they rely on like the WellCat Health Center and the Food Pantry will be open. 

Second, if you have questions about your rights please reach out to your local CFA contact or consult the FAQ on the CFA website and the email from Faculty Affairs on 1/9. 

Finally, I will be on strike as a faculty member for the first week of the semester unless a resolution is reached. I will not be replying to work related emails or inquiries while I am on strike. The FDEV office will be open and is reachable at

In Solidarity,

Zach Justus
Director of Faculty Development
Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences
Google Voice/Text: 530-487-4150

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