Organize Reading Lists & Earn $250

Faculty have numerous methods of organizing reading lists for students. This can be confusing, especially when students have five or six different professors in a semester, all of whom place reading lists in various locations. The Meriam Library now offers an optional new tool called “Leganto (PDF)” (integrated directly into Bb or used as a standalone application) that helps you create dynamic online reading lists and provides seamless access for students. Leganto allows faculty to…

  • search the library directly to create links to articles
  • upload and organize your own content
  • view student usage of course content
  • include collaborators on course reading lists

To help you get started, the library is sponsoring a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) where you can develop your own course reading lists. The FLC will meet this semester for 90 minutes once per week for four weeks. Faculty who complete the FLC will receive $250. More information and start dates are on the application, which is due April 6, 2018. If you have questions or want more information, contact Jodi Shepherd.



RSVP For What Enriches You

Today’s tip is a friendly reminder about a few of the development and recognition invitations this semester for faculty. I know your schedules are very busy so please only RSVP to what nourishes and interests you.

Have a great last few days before Spring Break!!

Use BOX to Make Your Life Easier!

Over the past year, departments at Chico State have transitioned their file storage from Bay to Box (in the cloud). This transition provides greater security, easier accessibility, and a wider range of collaboration tools for you. As part of this transition, every faculty member now has an unlimited amount of storage space on Box (in the cloud) to store files. Here are the top five ways Box can improve your life…

  1. You can access all of your files anytime, anywhere, including from home, office, any mobile device, and in any classroom with a computer and Internet access. No need to ever use (or lose) a flash drive again.
  2. You can access your files from the Box website as if they were on your computer and changes are automatically stored in the cloud (imagine updating a lecture slide from your phone at the airport).
  3. You can easily share course materials with your students (they don’t need Box accounts to access).
  4. You control access to your materials by sharing folders and files of content with your students or colleagues while keeping other folders and files private.
  5. Links you share to your course content are always up-to-date. You never need to upload new versions of files, update links, or worry about being stuck in class with an outdated version of your content.

If you’d like to learn how you can leverage Box in your courses to make your files more accessible and secure, we will be hosting a 45-minute workshop inColusa 100B on Wednesday, 3/28 from 1:15-2pm and on Thursday, 3/29 from 9-9:45am (same workshop – just on different days to accommodate faculty schedules). The workshop will be led by Tony Dunn, Lecturer in the Business Department and Project Manager for Information Technology Client Services. RSVP for the workshop.

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